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Pinoy Tambayan, when translated in English means the Pinoy hangout. It’s a place to unwind and relax and the fathers of Pinoy Tambayan have ensured that there’s something in it for everybody. The programs broadcasted here are educative, informative and entertaining, often nudging people to learn new things and acquire new skills.

Starting from news hour programs like GMA7’s news hours, sports broadcasts, Sunday Mass, Pinoy Recipes, to variety based shows like reality shows or shows related to ghost adventures, the tambayan has something to capture every viewer. The unique selling point of this channel is that they have fresh content every time to capture the interest of the young and the restless. In addition to that there are repeat telecasts for those who regret missing much- viewed episode or program. For the elderly, the Pinoy Channel has becomes a household name thanks to Masses and other religions programs that are broadcasted. To make sure that children get to experience this hangout joint, there are anime shows; and all are equipped with English sub titles. To make sure they stick to their reputation of bringing in fresh, imaginative content consistently, they have successfully launched at least 8 new programs in December 2014; and each caters to an audience of a different genre. In the TV5 segment alone the Tambayan has added 3 news channels as recent as January 3. One of the most prominent programs in this section is T3 Enforced which broadcasts important news items and is much appreciated by news lovers. Pinoy Tambayan isn’t just one of those networks where the producers are interested only in enhancing their channel’s ratings. It is a channel where carefully selected programs demonstrate that they are capable of tying all viewers to their channels and they can also claim that they keep public opinion in mind when producing programs.

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