Online commerce is gaining more and more followers every day. Not only for the ease that it offers customers to buy everything they want from the comfort of their home, but also for the many advantages offered to those who dare to undertake using a web page, since it allows them to manage in a simple way a business that can operate 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. The e-commerce represents the best option to increase the chances of success of any business.

With the intention of making e-commerce more accessible, PrestaShop was created, a free e-commerce software that offers customers the best tools to manage their online store. Backed by the more than 270,000 websites worldwide that use PrestaShop, this platform is designed to grow any type of online business. Through the PrestaShop Addons, the official market of the PrestaShop solution, customers have at their disposal various modules that will allow them to efficiently manage their pages, as well as customize them as they wish and add all kinds of useful features to promote their products. These modules are categorized according to what they offer: page design options with the best templates to give the store a professional look; navigation options that apply filters to make it easier for customers to find specific items, traffic services to improve the visibility of products online and presence in social networks, reliable and simple payment methods, shipping options and logistics adapted to the customer and much more. The Prestashop Abandoned Cart Reminder Module is one of the most attractive options because they assure that no sale is lost, applying offers of relaunch or special discounts that are notified via email to the clients to motivate them to finalize their purchases. This Prestashop Abandoned Cart Reminder is effective for customers to get out of indecision and go shopping.